Mass Intentions 40 Video: What is NOS?

As the launch for the awesome Mass Intentions 40 workout and nutrition plan comes closer we managed to grab a mass intentions 40 video interview with the prgrams creator Ben Pakulski.  Ben reveals to us his number 1 muscle growth strategy that he has used to great effect to blast through muscle growth plateaus this is exact same strategy that Ben will be revealing thoroughly in the Mass Intentions 40 Workout.

At the centre of the mass intentions 40 program there are two muscle building strategies that really do set this program aside from all the other workouts out here. Ben calls these strategies the NOS strategy and Intentions strategy and in this mass intentions 40 video Ben takes us through the principles of NOS and importantly how you can apply these exact principles immediately into your workouts to build double the muscle in half the time.

 Mass Intentions 40 Video: The NOS Principle

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