get rippedIt’s almost the weekend… I am jetting to out to compete in the North East Bodybuilding Finals but before I take off, I want to share a quick update about Vince’s No-Nonsense System available until tonight, Friday April 10th at midnight EST.

After 72 hours Vince shipped out all 480 copies of his No-Nonsense DVD Series which means he’s SOLD OUT.

However, I told him to get on the phone with his fulfillment house to replicate another 500 copies so it’s not too late to start your mission towards your best body ever.

Click here before he raises the price $50.00 tonight at midnight

If you wait until after Friday midnight, be prepared to pay $107.00 EACH for the Muscle and Six Pack guide he’s giving away for FREE today.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to move from regular to ripped in the next 90-days. If you’re skeptical, feel free to ask me for Vince’s personal email address and you can chat with him yourself. After reviewing and using Vince’s stuff, here’s why you’re going to get shredded and into your best shape ever:

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No Nonsense Muscle Building SecretIt’s a secret that took me over {{how many years have you been doing this}} to wrap my mind around, not to mention execute. It’s a long-lost secret that many people in the supplement, diet and bodybuilding world don’t want you to know.

It’s the same secret that is scamming you out of 90% of your dream physique and 100% of your time and money…

If everyone knew this secret then you would see jaw-dropping physiques at your school or office, on the beach and in the streets and in your gym. If you knew this secret then you would recognize something different in the mirror.

Here is the secret:

The ONLY WAY I know how to build a head-turning, near-perfect physique is through a structured and progressive plan with consistent and focused all-out effort – that FORCES your body to change.

You must give your body a REASON to change.

In all my years as a fitness coach, I have never seen a dramatic body transformation from someone who “works out regularly” or “hopes they will change.”

People who approach their goals with “half-hearted” efforts and “wouldn’t mind changing” attitudes will never have the body of their dreams. It’s sad but true. Read the rest of this entry