chest building tips When I first started building my chest muscles I was like so many people literally blinkered. Thinking it was as simple as doing various types of bench presses, okay initially the growth of the chest muscles was good but it wasn’t long before I was hitting plateaus in growth and strength. So here are my five tips for blasting through those chest muscle plateaus to build phenomenal levels of chest muscle.

How to build chest muscle tip 1: The exercise ball

   This is a much overlooked technique for building chest muscle but can be extremely effective.  First perform a set of dumbbell flyes on a normal flat bench aim for between 8 to 10 reps. Then without any rest select a lighter weighted set of dumbbells and do between 12 to 15 reps on an exercise ball. Take a 2 minutes rest and then repeat this superset twice more.

How to build chest muscle tip 2: Partial reps 

   Think you have taken your chest muscles to the point of fatigue, well then think again. By using partial reps in the incline bench press you can blast your chest muscles into new levels of growth.  Two things to consider here, first you will need a spotter and secondly only perform partial reps on the last set of the three sets. On your last set when you can no longer push complete reps, continue repping in the lower half of the movement until you are unable to move the weight anymore. This alone will blast your chest.

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Chest Exercises How To Build a Bigger Chest

chest exercises to build a bigger chest

Chest Exercises


So you have just finished your chest exercises but did you get that awesome chest muscle pump and that painful tenderness in the chest muscle for days afterwards, I would like to bet that the answer is NO!. The reason why most people fail to build a bigger chest is because they simply do not build enough intensity into their chest exercises to blast those chest muscles into new growth.

Here is a great combination of chest exercises designed to build a bigger chest.

Chest Exercises

1. Start with the barbell bench press which is one of the most common chest exercises but there is a twist, it is important to select a weight that you can do for 12 reps before muscular failure. When loading the barbell ensure you use small disks (for example 5kg and 15kg discs) this is so you can strip down the weights at the end of the set.

2. Perform 10 to 12 reps on the bench press ensuring that you reach muscular failure. Put the barbell back in the stands and quickly remove 50% of the weight off the barbell.

3 With no rest, lay back on the bench take a super wide grip on the barbell (12 inches past your shoulders) and blast out as many reps as possible to reach muscular failure this is very important to build a bigger chest.

4. Once your chest muscles have reached muscular failure, with no rest, grab a dumbbell and perform a set of Dumbbell Pullovers, make sure you keep your arms remain straight, this is to ensure you will feel a full stretch in the chest. Do as many reps as possible then rest for 2 or 3 minutes and then complete another run through this gaint set.

This is a great intense combination of chest exercises designed to build a bigger chest and you need to incorporate them into your muscle building routine immediately to quickly build chest muscle.

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