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 Ben Pakulski On Training and Diet

Ben Pakulski is first becoming an household name in the muscle building world. Ben is now ranked as being among the top 15 bodybuilders in the world. We are lucky enough to be able to bring to you this Ben Pakulski live seminar which took place at the Titanium Gym East London. You will hear some great muscle building tips  as Ben talks about muscle recovery and workout length as well as the finer aspects of building muscle.

Very shortly Ben Pakulski in fact on the 29th November will be lauching the most eagerly awaited muscle building program Mass Intentions. This new and controversial muscle workout claims to build double the muscle in half the time and we have had a sneak preview for you to take a look Mass Intentions Review .

Ben Pakulski is also giving away a FREE Special Mass Intentions  report as taster for the Mass Intentions program which highlights 5 killer muscle gain secrets which you must adopt immediately in your workouts if you are ever to beat your genetics.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this Ben Pakulski Live Seminar from the Titanium Gym London





Take a look at our muscle building growth recipes. If you think putting yourself on a muscle building diet has to be a painful process well think again?  Or muscle building growth recipes are delicious and we all know that whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building, getting proper nutrition is at least 80% of the game.

The good news is that your tastebuds don’t have to suffer if you don’t want them to. There are plenty of ways to get in your proper nutrition while keeping things interesting. If you think gaining muscle means suffering through can of tuna after can of tuna or pounding back a protein shake as fast as humanly possible, you need to think again.

Give one of these muscle building growth recipes a try and you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to eat right, achieve your goals and actually ENJOY your food at the same time. Read the rest of this entry

Are you a hardgainer struggling to gain muscle?, if so take a look at our hardgainer supplement tip for more muscle growth.

You’ve probably heard the term “you are what you eat”, right?

But it’s not exactly what you EAT that counts, but what you USE from what you eat.

And this couldn’t be more true for skinny “hardgainers’ who have a hard time growing muscle!


Because you can eat all the protein you want, but unless it makes it to your muscles to help them rebuild, you’ll continue to look more like Olive Oil than Popeye!

You see, “skinny” men and women tend to have an overabundance of the “stress hormone”, cortisol.

Cortisol actually plays a useful role in our bodies but for hardgainers, its catabolic effects are a real hassle as it inhibits important protein synthesis. Read the rest of this entry

By our resident expert Vince DelMonte

Vince Delmonte

How To Build Muscle Vince Delmonte

Do you mind if I be frank and ask you a honest question? If you had to transform your body which required you to know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly, and you only had a few weeks, could you step up to the challenge?

Let’s say your wanted to enter a fitness model or beginner bodybuilding competition? Perhaps you want to be considered he ‘buffest’ guy in your gym? If you get starred at because your physique stands out in the crowd than click away because your probably already know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly.

However if you are the guy on the other extreme and receive surprised looks when you tell people you work out with weights, don’t look any different than any body else in your gym and have never been approached for advice than please read this article carefully because this is your next step to building muscle and gaining weight quickly!

‘Hardgainer’ – Dump the title! Read the rest of this entry

21 Day Fast Mass Building

21 Day Fast Mass building The muscle building world is in turmoil right now with the imminent release of the 21 Day Fast Mass Building Workout created by two of the most renowned muscle gurus on the Net Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward. 

 The 21 Day Fast Mass building workout is not the run of the mill mass gaining gaining program that you slog at for months on end to get results. This new workout uses a principle called the anabolic amplification effect which triggers insane muscle growth fast.

A group is eager gym test rats completed the full 21 day course and the results were nothing short of amazing on average 12 pounds of lean hard muscle gained in only the 21 days.

Read on to find out more about the ground breaking 21 Day Fast Mass Building Workout and get your FREE Special Reports Right Here


street fighting uncagedMixed martial arts “cage matches” (like UFC and Pride) are the
fastest growing sports phenomenon in the world.

 2 men locked in an octagon cage – “no holds barred” – kicks,
throws, chokeouts…anything goes!

 Originally created to pit one martial arts style against another,
it quickly became a “proving ground” for everyone from wrestlers
and boxers…to barroom brawlers!

 But let me ask you this question…


Who would win in a
REAL “street fight”:
An MMA athlete…or a
vicious gang member?!

 Think about it…

 Sure, MMA competitors are arguably the most talented athletes on
the planet when it comes to “fighting”.

 But do you think they could defend themselves if they were
cornered in an alley and forced to go HEAD-TO-HEAD with a brutal

 Can armbars and chokeholds beat “nasty prison tactics”?


 But they may ALSO get you killed!

 Look, I realize that you may not be “into” self defense training.


 Fact is, EVERY guy knows that when you come face-to-face with a
violent attack, whether it’s:

 * The drunken jerk at the bar

* Some pissed off a-hole in a fender-bender

* The guy you accidentally bumped into at a ball game

* Or even the violent criminal who’s decided that YOU are his
next victim

 …you’d damn well better know EXACTLY what to do in those first
critical seconds or you could quickly find yourself thrown to the
ground…stomped on and bleeding!


Want to know the secrets to
mastering “hand-to-hand combat”
and winning ANY street fight? go to:

 Well, the answer is NOT to train for months and months down at
the local stripmall karate school next to all the 8-year olds in
white pajamas.

 I’m not knocking “martial arts”…but the fact is, it’s NOT the
same as what you’ll need to know in a real fight.

 No…the truth is actually MUCH SIMPLER than that!

 In fact, I’m personally inviting you to a FREE ONLINE WEBCAST
that will finally reveal how YOU can…

 …INSTANTLY become a “lethal warrior”!

 It doesn’t matter how big or small you are…weak or strong…or
even if you’ve NEVER been in a fight before in your life!

 This free event will open your eyes to the REAL secrets for
becoming an undefeatable protector of yourself and those you

 Here’s a link to the registration page for more information:


“Cage Fighting For The Streets!”
Extreme Self Defense Tactics
When: This Thursday Night @ 9:00pm Eastern

You owe it not only to yourself, but also to those you PROTECT
(like your wife, girlfriend, kids, etc.) who rely on you to keep
them safe!

 It doesn’t cost a thing and the strategies that are revealed on
this webcast WILL make you a better fighter than 95% of the guys
out there who THINK they know how to handle themselves in a real

 They know NOTHING!

 YOU will!

 Here’s the link one more time to register for your seat now:


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