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rest between setsA lot of my readers ask me how long to rest between sets while exercising.

The answer is: It depends on your goals.

If you are training to increase strength, I recommend resting a bit longer – up to two minutes for exercises like squats and heavy dumbbell work. But if you want to burn the most amount of bodyfat and gain lean muscle, I recommend resting for very short periods of time.

“The Iron Guru” Vince Gironda used to recommend leaving your hands on the bar between sets — now THAT is short rest intervals!  He would frequently rest only 15-20 seconds between sets.

This is similar to the strategy used in the 7 Minute Muscle routine – very short rest intervals and very intense training. Smart, short, efficient. That’s the way to go.

A good place to start is simply reducing your rest intervals by 10 seconds. No matter what workout you’re using, decrease your rest by 10 seconds between sets. You may not be as strong on the last few sets (if you are training traditionally… if you use 7 Minute Muscle your rest is “built-in” and not an issue.).  Over time you will work your way back up to the same amount of sets and reps but done in far less time.

This means more work output, which means more muscle if your nutrition is good.

This is the best way to train most of the time:  Limited rest, intense sets, and short workouts.

They are the ones that produce results.

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MI40 Launch

MI40 launch

MI40 Launch

Great News!! The eagerly awaited MI40 launch is here.

We have got a very special MI40 bonus for you which is not available anywhere else

You can get full access to this awesome muscle building program, and if you order today (Tuesday only), you will be invited to a closed door coaching call with Ben Pakulski worth over $500.

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So just to recap you are getting access to the very latest most revolutionary, scientifically proven muscle building program and nutrition plan available from Ben Pakulski,  you get a special $500 value closed door coaching call from the great man himself and you also get a full $30  discount on the package, basically you get all this for less than the price of a large tub of protein. It is an absolute No Brainer!!!

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creatineLet face and that includes myself in the past, how many of us have been sucked into the glossy hardgainer muscle supplements ads that you see in all the health magazines. All promising to be the perfect answer for your muscle building goals, when in fact all they do is line those bl##dy fat cats wallets. It has to be said that the large supplement companies love hardgainers like you and me.

We need to take a step back and analyse the word “supplement”  which simply means supporting your muscle building goals. You need to to know exactly the right supplement to take,  when to take it  and in what quantities to get the most potent muscle building results, particularly if you are a hardgainer.

So then I hear you ask, “What hardgainer muscle supplements should I take”, well let me tell you now!! Read the rest of this entry

Can You Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time?
– By Jon Benson, Author of “7 Minute Muscle”?

     Many fitness pros just plain don’t believe that you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Every time I read an article by some doctor or expert claiming it’s biologically impossible to build muscle on a hypocaloric diet (a diet low in calories) I just laugh.??  I do more than make claims – I have proved this to be true many times. I’ve had my body fat hydrostatically measured during several peaks. In all but one I showed an increase of muscle mass and a decrease of body fat during a 12-16 week period. The one time I didn’t show an increase in muscle mass when was I was training the most in the gym. That may not make sense right now, but it will in a moment.

(Read the full article here:

 Ben Pakulski On Training and Diet

Ben Pakulski is first becoming an household name in the muscle building world. Ben is now ranked as being among the top 15 bodybuilders in the world. We are lucky enough to be able to bring to you this Ben Pakulski live seminar which took place at the Titanium Gym East London. You will hear some great muscle building tips  as Ben talks about muscle recovery and workout length as well as the finer aspects of building muscle.

Very shortly Ben Pakulski in fact on the 29th November will be lauching the most eagerly awaited muscle building program Mass Intentions. This new and controversial muscle workout claims to build double the muscle in half the time and we have had a sneak preview for you to take a look Mass Intentions Review .

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