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back workout exercise

Back Workout Exercise for Building the Back

Looking for the best back workout exercise for building the back well it is a matter of back to basics. Now I have heard people say that deadlifts thicken the waist well that I am afraid is just bullsh*t.  The dead lift when performed correctly is one of the best back workout exercises for building the back and it also increases growth hormone release for all over muscle growth (how to do the deadlift correctly). Here is an excerpt from Ben Pakulski journal which highlights the back workout exercise.

Killed back twice this week:his week: One day is heavy rows and pull ups; the other day is very meticulous contraction and back to basics with deadlifts at the end of the workout.

I have given special attention this year to using only perfect form on every thing I do. Bit of a shot to the ego when it comes to weights, but they have gone back up relatively quickly.

What does perfect form mean?

Ahhh the question every aspiring bodybuilding should be asking! (and likely is!) Perfect form is getting a muscle AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE! And conversely, as long as possible, although both are not always possible in the same exercise. This should be the basis for where every workout begins. HOW DO I GET A MUSCLE AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE?

First, what does that mean? And what does a fully shortened muscle look like for each and every body part? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, and you’re trying to build muscle, you’re wasting time. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to build ANY muscle (if you use the “shake weight” enough times you will eventually build some muscle). However, if you’re like most people I know, you value your life and don’t want to waste your time in the gym. Who wants to work hard and not building muscle effectively…right?

Since the theme for this week is back workout exercises for building the back or lats as we call them..

The lats primary functions are to “adduct, extend and internally rotate the humerus.” Although there may be a few other functions in there, depending on specific fiber direction, these are the main ones we need to be concerned with. So, what does that mean? From the “anatomical position” (standing with arms at your sides, palms facing forward), it simply means: Bring your arm closer to your side, rotate the shoulder inward (so your palm is facing behind you), and extend your arm as far as possible behind you (without moving any other part of your body). TRY IT! See how it feels.

If you’re not getting close to this position in your workouts, you’re wasting time!
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do exactly this position on every exercise. Some exercises are slightly different angles etc. But this should be the primary goal and on your mind when executing each and every set and rep.

My back workout exercise for building the back looks like this obviously adjust your weights:

Reverse Grip Seated cable row 4×15 (180, 225, 225, 225lbs)
One arm dumbbell row 4×12(130, 140, 140,140)
Overhand barbell row 4×15(315)
Deadlift 4×20 (315 for 23 on first set, then 405lbs for 3 sets: 20, 17,17 reps) We kept the deads light cause I hadn’t deadlifted in almost 3 months.

This is a great back workout exercise routine for building the back. Ben is launching a revolutionary muscle building workout and nutrition strategy Mass Intentions 40 on November 29th check it out now or feel free to read a full honest Mass Intentions Review


We are going to share with you the most effective ten muscle building and fat burning tips. I am often asked for muscle building tips and the best ways to stoke up your fat burning hormones. Most of the information presented on the internet lacks foundation, these muscle building and fat burning tips are presented in simple and effective terms for bodybuilders of all levels to acheive maximum muscle gains whilst achieving the greatest fat burning benefits.  

a) Never sacrifice form to lift more weight is our No 1 muscle building tip.
We are in the business of stimulating muscle so weights are just the tools we use to induce stimulation; we are not powerlifters. Also, focus on really squeezing the muscle you’re training. The way I see it, focusing and squeezing is much more important than the amount of weight used, and with that manner of execution you can’t use really heavy weights.

b) You need to practice goal setting in order to reach your muscle building and fat burning goals:
Without goals we are like a ship in the middle of the sea, just drifting away with no sense of direction. It just goes with the flow, so to speak, and if it ever gets anywhere it is just by mere accident. In order to achieve success in our muscle building program, our goal should be clearly defined and engrained in our brains. Otherwise, like the boat on the example above, if you get anywhere it will be by mere chance.

c) Follow a sensible and well periodized muscle building program:
Unfortunately, many bodybuilders who are just getting started make the mistake of either choosing a muscle building routine that is too advanced for their level, or simply go to the gym without any training plan. Too much too soon leads to injury and just going from machine to machine without any set routine just leads to marginal muscle building results at best. The cure to this problem is to grab a sensible muscle building routine that fits your training level and execute it day in and day out. Read the rest of this entry


I just knew there would be some instant retorts and feedback on my last post the hardgainers project!

I will miss out some of the explicitives for decency

John S….

  Don’t you get just fed up of the skinny runts in the gym who lift feather weights and complain about not being able to build muscle. I bark at them to eat more and lift heavy… and as for those lab rats they have no hope…

Nigel M….

  My best advice for these skinny guys pictured  is just to keep their shirts on and keep off the beach its embarrassing.

Joan Jakes…

   Looking at those lab rat pictures I think they just need a good feeding….

Andy B……

  If you want big muscles, lift big

    The one thing about the muscle building game is there are always many sceptics. Which okay I can understand considering the amount of  c#/p there is on the Internet today and one thing for sure they are not afraid to voice their opinions as we can see.

Sometimes Jeff and I shy away from opening emails in our inbox due to the ignorant and idiotic responses that we receive from undereducated knucklehead muscle builders.

The truth is the Hardgainers Project X is so different, everyone has been brainwashed into listening and believing these idiotic responses to why a skinny guy cannot gain weight, well now get to know the truth….

Jeff is going to ANSWER the comments above in VIDEO which you can get totally FREE by signing up for the FREE MP3 and Hardgainer ebook  Click Here 

Get to learn the 7 REASONS WHY HARDGAINER GENETICS SUCK!” and how to finally build muscle and put those idiots back in their place

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 Mass Intentions 40 Video: What is NOS?

As the launch for the awesome Mass Intentions 40 workout and nutrition plan comes closer we managed to grab a mass intentions 40 video interview with the prgrams creator Ben Pakulski.  Ben reveals to us his number 1 muscle growth strategy that he has used to great effect to blast through muscle growth plateaus this is exact same strategy that Ben will be revealing thoroughly in the Mass Intentions 40 Workout.

At the centre of the mass intentions 40 program there are two muscle building strategies that really do set this program aside from all the other workouts out here. Ben calls these strategies the NOS strategy and Intentions strategy and in this mass intentions 40 video Ben takes us through the principles of NOS and importantly how you can apply these exact principles immediately into your workouts to build double the muscle in half the time.

 Mass Intentions 40 Video: The NOS Principle

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build shoulder muscle

Build Shoulder Muscle

Build Shoulder Muscle

Looking to build shoulder muscle? and is your arm muscle development lagging behind your other muscle groups?

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If there’s one body part that makes you look truly impressive and huge its the shoulders. A massive set of deltoids don’t have to be flexed to make your point, they’re just there 24 hours a day.  By emphasizing deltoid development, even “structurally challenged” individuals are able to create that elusive V-shape by creating the illusion of width, despite a narrow shoulder muscle girdle/clavicle.

And what’s the one muscle group that lets the world know you workout and that you’re in shape? Big arm muscle! And since arms can’t be bought, it tells the world you’ve busted your butt to get them.  Can you say respect, satisfaction and confidence?!

Skinny arm muscles make you look small and weak.

Flabby arm muscle makes you look fat and out of shape. In either case you WON’T get the respect you deserve but that’s all about to change.

Over the next 21-days, combine the 21 Day FMB nutrition protocol alongside the Specialization Workout for Epic Shoulder Muscle & Great Arm Muscle and you’re weak body parts will shortly become your strong points.  Imagine that!

By our resident expert Vince DelMonte

vince delmonte

Build Muscle Vince Delmonte

Do you truly know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly?

If you knew how to build muscle then the skinny jokes would have ended long ago. If you knew how to gain weight quickly then the blank stares would stop when you tell someone you work out with weights. And if you knew how to build muscle and gain weight quickly you would no longer frustrated that the scale has not budged upwards since you first started lifting.

I know from first hand experience what it feels like to train for hours in the gym, slug back protein shake after protein shake, spend your hard earned money on over-priced and over-hyped supplements, with little or nothing to show for it! If this is you than you’re not alone and are probably missing a few key ingredients that you’re executing effectively.

If you’re a naturally skinny person than you must play by a different set of rules. If you were not gifted with muscle friendly genes than does it make sense to follow a program by someone who builds muscle even when they sneeze? If you’re training drug free than does it make sense to take advice from a guy who’s spending a few thousand dollars a month on steroids? Read the rest of this entry

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